Mexican handmade with love

>Each artisan has a story to tell, the artisan not only reflects traditions and culture, the artisans put their hearts and souls, and love on each one of a kind piece. The artisans recreate dreams and express happiness and hope, and reaffirm the cultural identity. they have learned the job from Parents and Grandparents, generation after generation.
In Mexico there are around 12 million artisans (FOANART 2014) and most of them live in disadvantage conditions with 2 dollars per day. Many of the artisans have small workshops at home and they travels from small villages and towns to big cities to sell on the street and on flea markets their products. Other few are organised in Cooperatives or different Fair Trade Organisations, few have shops and other collaborate with contemporary designer that mix traditional techniques with modern design.
Mexican Box has the honour to offer you one of a kind traditional Mexican handmade with love products.

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